Finally. I am sharing the THIQ smoothie bowl recipe so you can satisfy all your thick smoothie dreamz with a bowl of your own. This particular bowl is done in collaboration with one of my favorite brands, Ora Organic, a San Diego company who makes plant-based supplements from REAL food and chef-crafted recipes. This pre-workout powder is literally amazing, both in taste and the way it makes me feel. And it goes great with Lil Bucks (particularly the Cacao and Original sprouted buckwheat for this recipe).


  • 1 medium/large banana frozen, chopped up before putting in the blender
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 serving of Ora Organic pomegranate powder 
  • I tossed in a couple frozen strawberries for good measure but not required
  • A splash of unsweetened almond milk – added gradually to achieve desired consistency 
  • Topped with Cacao Lil Bucks and a few more frozen raspberries 😀


To blend this, you may need to have some patience with your blender. I have a Vitamix which comes with a Tamper and is thus perfect for making thick smoothies, but I’ve done this with something as weak as a Magic Bullet (sorry, throwing shade). You just have to blend a bit, pause, mix up with a spoon a bit, and repeat. Sometimes gradually adding in the milk of your choice just to soften it a bit when things REALLY won’t blend. Enjoy!