The Beet: Editors' Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

We are so honored that The Beet editor Lucy Danziger listed us as one of her favorite plant-based products of the week! Check out why she loves Lil Bucks and some of her other favorite products in her article in The Beet. You won’t want to miss it!

“Meet your new favorite healthy snack and diet aid. They are truly addictive and I’ve learned to hide them from the rest of the household since everyone seeks these out when they want a guilt-free nibble.”


Reader's Digest: The 25 Best Road Trip Snacks

Thank you to Reader’s Digest for placing us as one of the 25 Best Road Trip Snacks! Fuel your adventures with sustainable and nutritious energy that’ll keep you going all day long. Now get out and go exploring!

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Introducing Lil Bucks Reusable Produce Bags!!

Just when you thought your farmers market vibes couldn't get any higher, we bring you: ⁠


YUP. Get your fruits and veggies in style with your very own Lil Bucks Reusable Produce Bag!!!⁠ 

♻️ DID YOU KNOW......⁠

Humans produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for one time usage!! And 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans EVERY YEAR. 8 MILLION.⁠

There's no denying this wasteful way of life is polluting our beautiful planet. As a brand with a sustainable mission, we gotta make waves to stop this disposable lifestyle.⁠

Here are some tips to reduce your own plastic consumption:⁠

1) Use reusable bags⁠ (hi)⁠
2) Say adios to plastic cling wrap!⁠
3) Bring your own cup⁠ (We love aussie @keepcup )⁠
4) Learn how to recycle (and maybe compost)⁠ Start at⁠

Remember no action is too small! 💚💙💚

Thrive Global: Rise of the Superfood

We are so excited to be mentioned in Thrive Global writer Gad Perdomo’s article “Rise of the Superfood.” We are thrilled people are jumping aboard the buckwheat fan wagon! Thank you for highlighting buckwheat’s magical health super powers and giving us a shoutout Gad!

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Delish: 26 Healthy Snacks That'll Keep You Satisfied Throughout The Day

Unbelievably honored to be mentioned in Delish writer Sienna Livermore’s list of 26 Healthy Snacks To Keep You Satisfied Throughout The Day! With loads of protein, fiber, and magnesium among over important nutrients, Lil Bucks is guaranteed to keep you movin’ and groovin’ throughout your day! Something that keeps you happy, healthy and energized?! LET’S GO!!!


VegWorld Magazine: Natural Products Expo Top Picks

We’re so grateful to Lil Bucks to be featured in VegWorld magazine’s top picks from Expo West 2020! Karin Olsen and her family LOVE the Matcha Lil Bucks. She said Lil Bucks were one of the most unique finds of 2020. We’re making buckwheat a thing!!


Entrepreneur: The Seed of an Idea: How Buckwheat, Hemp, Chia and Flax Are Taking Over

This cannot be real life- another mention in Entrepreneur?! Someone pinch me!!! What an unbelievable honor to have Brian Kateman mention us in his article about how buckwheat is transforming the health market.

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Forbes: 50 Healthy Sips, Snacks, And Sauces To Stock Up On This Summer

Another honorable mention in Forbes this past month! Katie Chang raves about buckwheat as the perfect compliment to these glorious summer days. We are absolutely loving this love y’all! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


asweatlife: The Best Popcorn Alternatives to Try On Your Next Movie Night

Looking for ways to spice up your movie time snacks?! asweatlife says Lil Bucks is just what you need to add a lil pazazz to your late night randevu. Nothing says a date night with your couch like buckwheat and a good ole movie, am I right?!

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Chicago Splash

We are beyond thrilled that Lil Bucks made the last print edition of Chicago Splash! Praised for bringing buckwheat to the states, we’re stoked to see the buckwheat revolution officially take off!




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