YES! It’s so misleading that “wheat” is in the word “buckwheat” – buckwheat groats (seeds) are technically fruit seeds.

We’re working on getting gluten free and organic certifications in 2020 when we hopefully have more cash for it. We already have all the documents for organic, kosher and gluten free for our ingredients, and we primarily produce in a certified gluten-free facility.

No! You can eat them raw out of the bag as Lil Bucks have already been sprouted and dehydrated so you can enjoy the crunch and absorb all the magic nutrients!

No! We actually dehydrate the buckwheat at a low temp (105-110F) instead of roasting to preserve as much of the antioxidants as possible and retain that nice crunchy texture.

Great news! Our buckwheat is from farms around Minnesota and North Dakota. We are excited to work towards our goal of improving soil health in North America via the sustainable cover crop, buckwheat! A lot of buckwheat consumed in the USA is from Russia or China (they are the top two growers and consumers of buckwheat) but we are proud to source organic from the USA now!

All SKUs of Lil Bucks are dairy free and vegan. We use maple syrup as the binding ingredient instead of honey so we don’t even use any animal by-products.

None of our products contain GMOs! A goal for 2020 is getting Certified Organic, and Organic by nature means that the product is certified GMO-free. All the ingredients we use are already Certified Organic, we just need the $$ to afford that certification ourselves!


Check out the Our Story page to learn about this brand inspired by my time living in Sydney, Australia ?

Lil Bucks are made by hand in one of these two places: a certified commercial kitchen in Chicago (starting a food brand or just curious? message me to learn which one), or in a comanufacturing facility in Brooklyn, NY (they have a food dehydrator the size of a room – it’s a dream come true). The facility in Brooklyn is certified kosher and gluten-free, so once we can afford getting those certifications, this facility will be perfect! Just can’t afford those certifications yet ?

Not yet! But we just launched our brand ambassador program! That’s a great way to get involved for now, or message any more ideas.


Yes! If you don’t have a subscription yet it’s easiest to create your subscription through the website so you have an account. Then you can manage your subscription through the website, email, or you can literally DM me on Instagram @lovelilbucks to change or update your subscription. You’ll receive emails when it’s time for your subscription to renew so you’ll be aware of when you’re charged and when more Lil B’s are coming!!

Any questions or concerns, just shoot us a message and we’ll take care of you! I’m so stoked to launch this program and with free shipping and a bit of a discount, it’s a win-win for all Lil Bucks fans ?

Cancel your subscription or skip orders whenever! You’ll get email reminders when we start preparing for your next subscription fulfillment, so you can just reply to the email and say “hey can I change to one bag of Cacao and one bag of Original just for this month?” or “hey can we skip this month” or “hey can you send these two weeks later instead as I’ll be out of town” or “hey here’s a pic of my puppy”. ALL VALID

Yes of course! Just email us or DM @lovelilbucks and we’ll get your order to you ASAP rather than waiting for your next cycle.

Nah dude! You are messaging with Emily the founder of Lil Bucks ?