It all started at one of Sydney’s iconic beaches, eating a decadent smoothie bowl.

^I wish all stories could start like that…

My name is Emily and I am the founder and owner of Lil Bucks. In 2016-17, I was living out a dream of mine, working and surfing in Sydney, Australia. After discovering sprouted buckwheat seeds (the Aussies call them ‘activated’ buckwheat seeds) being used in a superfood granola at one of my favorite cafes, I became obsessed. HOW is something so incredibly delicious, protein-packed, crunchy and versatile not already in my daily diet? I knew buckwheat was nutritious, but buckwheat pancakes weren’t #1 on my list. I could eat these seeds in my daily smoothie bowl, on my oatmeal, on a spoon with nut butter… amazing. I even cut out protein powders and granola entirely because I didn’t need more protein and I didn’t crave granola (or really any other carbs/breads) as I was so satisfied from the buckwheat seeds.

I eventually realized I needed to stop spending $15 on each bag of activated granola I was buying in Sydney, so I learned how to make them. Then I started experimenting with flavors. And then I became obsessed with these tiny seeds (even though they made their way into every crevice of my kitchen – sorry roomies).

I moved back to the States in July 2017 and since then it’s been my mission to bring Lil Bucks to life. I think there’s a huge opportunity and need for Americans to add nutritional diversity in our diets. My goal is to elevate the demand for buckwheat, motivating farmers to grow more buckwheat in the U.S. (because it’s a great crop for soil). It would be amazing to inspire more sustainable farming in the Midwest (where Lil Bucks is based), and I’m determined to make it happen (along with many smoothie bowls along the way).

I am also super in love with urban farming and want to work to eliminate food deserts, especially here in Chicago. Here I am talking about the incredible benefits of this superfood and some people can’t even get fresh produce (their nearest ‘grocery store’ is a 7-11). More to come on this…

Lil Bucks launched in April 2018, and the wellness community has been overwhelmingly excited and supportive so far. Please reach out to with any questions, ideas or collaboration opportunities. I can’t wait to spread the Lil Bucks Love 🙂