Everything BUCKS Seasoning


Sprouted buckwheat adds the best crunch to both sweet and savory dishes, while everything seasoning adds the most delicious garlicky x oniony x salty flavor. After putting both O.G. Bucks and everything seasoning on avocado toast for two years, Emily realized, wait, why haven’t we combined these?!

So we’re coming in HOT with everyone’s new pantry staple: Everything Bucks Szn-ing. You’re gonna put it on… well, everything.

Slow toasted. Organic ingredients. Gluten Free. 🥯

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Lil Bucks was originally inspired by the world of smoothie bowls in Australia, but perhaps more importantly, by the Aussie brekkie spread in general: smoothie bowls, yes, and avo toasts, bagels with all the fixings, epic dips, and sometimes even a fresh salad.

Our genius pals down under have many uses for sprouted buckwheat, so why are we limiting ourselves to the sweet side?! Step over to savory with your crunchsters in crime. Literally everything just got upgraded.

Sprouted Buckwheat Seeds*
Dried California Garlic*
Chia Seeds*
Black Sesame Seeds*
White Sesame Seeds*
Dried Onion Flakes*
Sea Salt Flakes



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