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Get Lil Bucks delivered to your door automatically every month with free shipping. Your subscription will renew every month on the day you first made the subscription (so if you order the first one on the 6th, it will renew on the 6th of the next month!).

Let us know any custom requests and we can add here (like two 6oz cacao bags + one 6oz original, for example)! You will also be able to manage your orders via email, DM @lovelilbucks, and via your Lil Bucks account.


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Superhumans get superfoods delivered to their door. Automatically.

(and you are a superhuman ?)


More is demanded of our minds and bodies than ever before. Give both a break: automate the delivery of the superfoods you love. Then you can rest assured Lil bucks are always fresh and in your pantry, so you can sprinkle sprouted buckwheat all over your life.



Select the amount of Lil Bucks that you would like each month – as much or as little as you want! If you don’t see the combination you would like on the dropdown, just email me and I can add the option.


Enter your payment info and check out. Note you can skip, pause or cancel any time!


We send your Lil Bucks with FREE SHIPPING every time. It’s really pretty simple. We think it’s a win-win ?

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Variety Pack (one 6oz bag of each), 2x Variety Pack (two 6oz bags of each), Cacao 1-Pack (6oz), Cacao 2-Pack (12oz), Cacao 1lb, Original 1-Pack (6oz), Original 2-Pack (12oz), Original 1lb, Matcha 1-Pack (6oz), Matcha 2-Pack (12oz), Matcha 1lb, One 6oz Each Cacao + Original, Clusterbucks 2-pack, One Original 1lb Bag + One Clusterbucks 6oz, Two 6oz Cinnabucks Bags (Cinnamon Vanilla), Two 6oz Cacao Lil Bucks; One 6oz Matcha Lil Bucks


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