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why sprouted buckwheat is so good for you and the planet

We are obsessed with preserving the planet and know it’s our duty to choose sustainable food. What makes buckwheat so awesome for the planet is that it’s a great rotating crop, meaning it grows well in cold climates and poor soil, so farmers can use buckwheat to replenish their soil instead of ravaging it by producing too much of one thing on the soil year after year. 

Not only is buckwheat a complete protein source with an incredible range of use, but buckwheat tolerates relatively poorly drained or infertile soils better than most grains, and survives in harsher weather conditions. Since buckwheat has a short grow season, it can be used as a late plant alternative where regular crops have failed. Corn and soy are overdone – We believe North Americans should include more buckwheat in their diets not only for health/delicious reasons, but elevating buckwheat demand motivates farmers to include buckwheat in their crop rotations, thus in turn promoting crop diversity, healthier soils and a more sustainable food system in North America. 

Want to learn more? We’re about to get real nerdy on you (thanks to AgMRC!):

Buckwheat is a relatively low input crop that has relatively high yields even in marginal soil. Because it adds nutrients to the soil, it makes a good cover crop or rotational crop (and does great in cold weather). While the environmental benefits of buckwheat are difficult to measure, some studies have been done to show that it is cost effective as a double crop. Buckwheat grows quickly, with a 30-day maturity rate that allows it to kill off most competing weeds. Due to its fast growth, it is a good candidate for a catch crop when others have failed, and it also fits well into rotations. In addition, it is economical to produce because it requires no pesticides and few herbicides, draws phosphorus efficiently from the soil, and needs less nitrogen.

Bottom line: Buckwheat – good for you and the planet. 

We’re also excited to announce we partnered with rePurpose Global to get certified Plastic Neutral! For every bag we sell, we now collect one back from the environment by supporting sustainable waste management projects in developing countries. Learn more about our announcement and what led us to this partnership here!